Dubai is one of the international investment centers, which means that many operations are aimed to simplify the investment process.

The real estate transaction process can be divided into several stages:

1. Selection of a project. Our experienced agents will help you with this step and will select options for your request. After that the agent will connect you with the chosen developer.

2. It’s time to make a reservation. To do so, you need to provide a passport and data for drawing up a sales contract.
• Reservations are made after the payment of the minimum fee using the link from the developer, which is sent by e-mail.
• The amount of the reservation IS INCLUDED in the downpayment.

3. The developer sends the client a booking form, which contains the main provisions of the sales contract. This form will serve as a confirmation of the transaction for the bank when transferring the down payment and tax amount for the Land Department.

4. The developer prepares a sales contract and sends it to the client at the specified address for signature. This agreement must be signed and sent back to the developer.

5. The developer registers the transaction with the Land Department and you become the full owner of the property in Dubai!